Vessels & Tanks

We produce a wide range of storage tanks, vaccuum/pressurizable and stackable vessels, together with our partner and member of the Machesini Group, Creinox,

Dumek controls every aspect of the design and production of its machine vessels: from the initial blueprints through to manufacturing and testing and commissioning at customer premises.


Skilfully Crafted Vessels

Vessels of melters or turbo-emulsifiers are key components, skilfully crafted in stainless steel, hand-polished and customisable. 

On approval of the product configuration, which is elaborated and designed in-house, the technical department sets to work on actual production: the individual components are subsequently taken to the workshop for the assembly, installation and commissioning of the machine.

Each Dumek product is the result of a collaborative creative process. The company puts customers at the centre of everything it does, actively involving them as it advises and helps them to choose the solution best suited to their needs.


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