Our processing solutions avail of a wide range of turboemulsifiers used to mix emulsions with a liquid or creamy consistency for the skincare, make-up, supplements and healthcare markets.

Vacuum/Overpressure Machines

Vacuum/Overpressure Turboemulsifiers are primarily intended for applications in cosmetic field and it is designed to process liquid and creamy products under vacuum.

  • Max. viscosity, processable with standard version: 300 000 cP. Higher viscosity, processable on demand.
  • Turbine positioned on the vessel bottom
DUMEK - Vacuum Overpressure Turboemulsifiers

Atmospheric Pressure Machines

Melters and Mixers mainly intended for cosmetic industries, conceived as a service unit for the preparation and heating of water or oil phases, that will be subsequently processed in the turboemulsifier.

When equipped with an adequate mixing system, are real units of preparation for products that do not require vacuum.