Atmospheric Pressure Melters

Turboemulsifier ancillary units for heating the oil/water phase or, when equipped with an adequate mixing system, a processing unit suitable for some creamy products, which do not require sophisticated emulsifier functions.

Sizes range from 10-litre machines for small production to 5,000-litre models for big industrial production.


Main technical features

  • Stainless steel vessel.
  • Vessel with inner jacket filled with water/thermic fluids.
  • Thermoregulation of the product.
  • Outer insulating jacket. Inclined bottom with a side-discharging valve.
  • Lid in two parts with one openable side.
  • Parts in direct contact with product in AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Control panel fixed to the vessel.
  • Vessel can be equipped with: slow stirrer anchor shaped and/or fast mixer helix+Cowles
DUMEK_Melter_Mixer_Atmospheric Pressure

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