Cleaning Systems

To ensure responsible use of resources, we developed solutions for improved hygienic design and ease of cleaning.

In particular we can provide state-of-the-art CIP/SIP systems, to guarantee the best solutions of cleaning and washing phase customizabe with 3 different kinds of sprayballs.

Dumek Washing Sprayballs Customisation

Semi-Automatic CIP

Standalone or Integrated systems to manage the machine washing in a semi-automatic mode by setting the duration of the washing phases (water inlet, water recirculation, water discharging). The unit is equipped with:

  • N° 2 automatic water loading valves
  • N° 1 Automatic valve connected to the manual valve positionned on the bottom of the vessel (optional)

Fully Automatic CIP

We can provide standalone fully automatic CIP fixed systems: these utints permit to manage the washing in a fully automatic mode (water heating, dosage of detergents, recipes management). The unit includes :

  • Main skid featuring
  • N° 2 dosing pumps for detergents.
  • N° 2 water storage vessels.
  • Steam exchanger for the water heating.
  • System self-cleaning.

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